Signature REFERENCE 12N-SF/R Freestanding Non-Powered Subwoofer
• Downfiring port
• 15"W x 18.6875"H x 20.875"D (not including grille)
• magnetic grille included (3/4" MDF)
• black or white satin finish
• external amplifier required (DA series amplifiers recommended)


Terms and Conditions

Built to deliver exceptional amounts of deep and powerful bass with precise control in a manageable size, the 12N-SF/R powered subwoofer is a welcome and conveniently placed “must have” to complete your home theater or any listening experience.  The 12N-SF/R has all of the perks of the 12P-SF/R with the added benefit of customizing your experience with the amplifier of your choosing. Whether you go all out with our DA-1202DSP amplifier or provide your own, the power is in your hands.