RBH Sound Dealer

Partner Program Certification

Helping you and your skilled team succeed and accomplish an increase in sales.
Education that introduces you to RBH Sound, our world-class product lines, leading-edge technology, and the tools you need for proper expert installation.

Your Essential Foundation

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Why become an RBH Sound Dealer?

·        We want to help you make money, no matter what RBH products you sell

·        Network with the best minds in the industry

·        RBH Sound speakers beat the competition

·        Designed, Engineered, Tested, Assembled in USA from American and imported parts

Majority of RBH speaker cabinets are locally made in the USA

Quality control

-  CUSTOM designed speakers for uniue situations

How will you be supported?

·       Price List, Discounts, Local Leads, Shipping Costs, Etc.

·       Progressive products priced for your business growth

·       Placing online orders, email or phone

·       RBH Partner Program, Policies & Procedures

-   *No minimum Partner purchase requirements
*Although your account is deactivated if you do not purchase during the calendar year

·       Earning an RBH Sound Partner Certificate, you will receive access to the following benefits

Overview of product lines and basic products (placement, combinations, etc.)
-     How to install properly

  How to troubleshoot
  Access to Partner ONLY Resources

-  Receive RBH Product Email

-      Dealer Training Program

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Here’s how to get started:

1.     Go to the dealer application form below

2.     Please submit the required information

3.     Once we've reviewed your application & approved it, you will receive access to a portal just for you.  

In that portal you get will see dealer pricing & can view information about your account and special dealer programs.