two-channel subwoofer amplifier, 2U rackmount chassis with DSP
• Output 2 channels driven at 8 ohm: 1300 wpc | Output at 4 ohm: 2200 wpc
• Output Single Channel Driven: 2600w


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RBH DA Subwoofer Amplifiers provide the power needed for deep accurate bass, whether you are powering a subwoofer in a home theater room or a dedicated music listening environment. These amplifiers make it easy to add deep, clean, and powerful bass to any audio system when mated with a passive subwoofer or biampable tower speaker. RBH amplifiers also incorporate parametric EQ and shelving filters that allow you to custom-tune the bass in your room for the very best performance. The robust power supply and Class D output stages provide enough power to drive the most demanding subwoofers and also feature optimized presets for all RBH in-wall and freestanding subwoofer products.