The Ultra Series speakers are the answer to many installation conundrums. It’s sleek, contemporary design with magnetic inset black fabric grille complements most any décor.

At only 1-5/8-inches thick it fits almost anywhere you can pull a wire through a wall. The pull-through ez-wire terminal cup makes connection a breeze. Add the features of either traditional mounting using the installed steel keyhole cups in back, or the super-fast and very secure direct-from-front screw-through mounts easily and quickly installed. Ultra Series speakers provide true and clear RBH sound quality in locations previously unobtainable. Cement, plastered, block or brick walls, or the rental that won’t allow holes cut to mount a traditional in-wall. Other than whole-house audio capability, combine the Ultra-1 with the Ultra-3 LCR on-wall and an RBH Subwoofer and you’ve got a surround-sound system ready to go in minutes.

The Innovative and proprietary inverted, domed aluminum 4-inch woofers and aluminum tweeters with textured phase plugs make it all possible. We recommend pairing with an RBH subwoofer for best full–range performance.

The Ultra-3 is custom sized to fit most on-wall TVs! It can be custom cut to match TV widths of 47 to 63 inches which fit most popular sizes. It still looks great under wider TVs as well. Not plastic, it’s MDF with internal bracing and sealed separate internal chambers for discreet left, center, and right channels to produce the great sound you need and expect from RBH. The end caps are MDF covered in high gloss black paint to match that TV and bring it all together. The Ultra Series provides effortless, quick, brilliant sound.

Onwall Speaker Bars

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Discontinued 07/2022