Layton, Utah – June 24, 2019

RBH Sound (RBH), a privately held manufacturer of high performance loudspeakers and audio products, today announced the purchase of the company and its assets by Todd A.
Stewart. Stewart purchased RBH Sound from, and succeeds, Roger B. Hassing as  president and chief executive officer. Hassing concurrently announced his retirement, which comes nearly 43 years after founding the company in Los Angeles, California in 1976. Under the deal, Stewart holds controlling interest of the company, with Stewart bestowing to Hassing partial ownership. Stewart’s appointment as the company’s president and chief executive officer is effective immediately.

Stewart’s interest in the company began last year when his son’s woodworking company became an important vendor partner for RBH. Stewart’s acquisition advances and extends RBH’s US-based production capabilities, a strategic move RBH sought to avoid paying high tariffs on China imported goods. A former electrical engineer, Stewart also has experience in land development and retail and commercial real estate management. Most of all, he has a newly discovered love for high quality audio and is enjoying his new access to high-end audio gear. “It is an honor for me to be associated with some of the industry’s best,” said Stewart. “I am thrilled to be a part of a team dedicated to continuous innovation and unparalleled sound quality. Our goal is to build on the strong friendships and excellent partnerships we’ve created over the years. We are all anxious to ‘Redefine the Way You Experience Sound’ and customer service. Try us, you will like us … I guarantee it.”

“After 43 years of working an audio company, attending trade shows, et cetera, et cetera, I am going to retire,” said Hassing. “It’s been a fun time working with most of you, and I want you to know that we have been very successful." Hassing added, "In my early experience in Los Angeles, where I became familiar with some of the good, staple people in this industry, and worked with companies like McIntosh, Fosgate Audionics, et cetera, on an OEM basis, I have come to appreciate, very much so, the need for quality people. When it comes right down to it, it’s all about the people. Thank you.”

Stewart’s purchase and appointment allows the company to continue to deliver products with superior performance and value, as well as permit as many policies, procedures, and products as possible to remain in place.

About RBH Sound (RBH)
A privately held, Utah based company, RBH is a global provider of high performance loudspeakers and other audio products for the home audio custom integration,  professional audio, and light commercial industries. The company also produces high performance personal and portable audio products. RBH has been designing, engineering, and crafting products with superior acoustic reproduction at sensible prices since 1976.

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