OCT, 2023

LAYTON, UT – OCTOBER, 2023 – Award-winning loudspeaker manufacturer RBH Sound debuts an array of Signature and Signature Reference passive speaker bars to build upon the legacy of the RBH Ultra-3. They are developed to compliment the variety of existing on-wall options from RBH Sound with that minimalistic under-the-tv appearance. The speaker bars are designed to fit under the common TV sizes, but can be ordered with a custom length for perfect integration under any TV. 

The new speaker bars come in a variety of options.  The 5400-SW features RBH’s brand new aluminum cone 5.25” phase plug driver and Signature fabric dome tweeter and comes with a TM Left, MTM Center, and TM Right configuration.  The 5400-SW can be upgraded to Reference with RBH’s AMT tweeter replacing the fabric dome.  The 5600-SW is the step up with dual woofers per channel and the Signature fabric dome.  Similarly, the 5600-SW/R has the upgraded AMT tweeter for uncompromised performance.

The 6000 series speaker bars are a perfect match to RBH’s existing 6 inch on-wall options.  The 6400-SW features the same driver arrangement as the 5400-SW, including the Signature fabric dome tweeter and Signature aluminum woofers.  The 6400-SW/R upgrades the woofers to the Reference phase plug aluminum woofers with the Reference AMT tweeter.  The 6600-SW follows the trend providing dual Signature woofers per channel complimented by the Signature fabric dome tweeter.  The 6600-SW/R features the Reference driver upgrades and the dual woofer configuration per channel.

Lastly, the 8400-SW/R and 8600-SW/R feature our astounding 8” mid-woofers and the renowned large AMT.  The 8400-SW/R sporting the TM Left, MTM Center, and TM Right channel figuration and the 8600-SW/R with the dual woofer per channel gives you flexibility.

The speaker bars start at a weight of 20 lbs and up to an impressive 70 lbs, not including custom options. The 5400-SW starts at 48” wide, the 5600-SW starts at 57” wide and have a depth of 3.75” and a height of 6.75”.  The 6400-SW starts at 57” wide, the 6600-SW starts at 66” wide and have a depth of 5” and a height of 7.75”.  The 8400-SW/R starts at 57” wide, the 8600-SW/R is 75” wide and have a depth of 6” and a height of 11”.  They are available in satin black or satin white finishes.

About RBH Sound (RBH)

A privately held, Utah-based company, RBH is a global provider of high-performance loudspeakers and other audio products for the home audio custom integration, professional audio, and light commercial industries. The company also produces high-performance personal and portable audio products. RBH has been designing, engineering, and crafting products with superior acoustic reproduction at sensible prices since 1976.

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