SEPTEMBER 12-14, 2019


RBH Sound, an award winning manufacturer of traditional and custom architectural loudspeakers, today debuted the PM-8, an 8-inch 2-way powered studio monitor. Incorporating leading-edge technology, the PM-8 sets a new standard, its debut marking RBH's entry into the powered studio monitor market.

At the heart of the PM-8 are RBH's Signature Series drivers: for bass and midrange, an 8-inch aluminum cone mid/woofer (also used in the company's award winning flagship SVTR tower) and for treble, an AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeter. This proprietary duo is powered by a specialized dual channel class D amplifier supplying 150 Watts to the tweeter and 250 Watts to the woofer. The on-board DSP features a FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter to enhance phase correction of the speaker's response, also doubling as an active crossover network—thus eliminating traditional power-robbing passive  components. The amplifier has level and preset DSP selection controls as well as an XLR balanced input and throughput; also included is an RCA to XLR connector for  convenience. The DSP presets allow the speaker to be optimized for near-field and far-field use. Unlike other powered studio monitors, the PM-8's audio signal is processed fully in the digital domain, and converted back to analog only at the final output stage, keeping the fidelity of the audio signal as pure as possible.

“We're thrilled to bring the PM-8 to market. We developed it for those who want the highest level of fidelity without an external amplifier," said RBH Sound's technical director Shane Rich. "The built-in DSP with active crossover provides greater flexibility and control than traditional passive networks. This gives us the ability to fine tune the PM-8 to deliver an incredibly flat frequency response from 30Hz to 35kHz. The PM-8 delivers a sonic performance which is arguably the best in the industry. We look forward to hearing good
things from those who listen to it."

RBH's production and assembly of the PM-8 is carried out at its world headquarters in Layton, Utah. The PM-8 cabinets are constructed of MDF and feature extensive internal bracing to prevent cabinet resonance
To further reduce cabinet vibrations, RBH engineered elegant side accent panels made of high-density composite material, available in a range of colors.

The PM-8 is expected to ship before the end of October 2019 both direct and through the company’s authorized dealer and distributor network. It will be on display at CEDIA Expo in Sound Room 3 (SR-3), September 12-14, 2019. The introductory suggested retail price starts at $1,949.95 each. For more information, visit

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