Create your custom speaker

Every Customer is Different!

We all have different tastes, budgets, rooms and needs. Maybe you've seen a product among our various models that is "almost perfect," let us help you make it perfect!

Whether it's performance or cosmetics, you are the author of your speaker system.  We want to help you achieve your vision!

Do you want a custom paint job to match the color of your car?  Done!  Need an abnormal cabinet size to fit inside your baffle wall?  Not a problem.  Do you want your speaker to be an art piece to stand out or blend with the décor of your room with stylized epoxy panels or veneer options?  Ask away.

Here at RBH, we are passionate about sound and we are determined to provide a quality product that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.  Let us help you achieve your vision for your ultimate speaker!

Side Panels and Front Baffles

Many selections to make your speaker uniquely yours.

Whether you are after something that is strictly cosmetic or perhaps you desire a performance improvement as well, either way, you have the power to choose.  Different shapes are available. (see below for approved shapes)

Cost effective cosmetic improvement: HDF panels.   If you desire to dress-up a speaker we are happy to fulfill your request.

Performance improvement: Acrylic Polymer Solid Surface.  Both cosmetic and performance enhancing, the acrylic polymer has a density very similar to granite which can drastically improve the rigidity of your speaker and therefore improve the tightness and damping of your speaker cabinet.  What that means for you is less sound is emitted from your cabinet due to vibration and more sound comes directly from the drivers themselves improving the transparency and can make your speakers disappear in the soundstage.

Front baffle, for those who want to hide the hardware:  Everyone is different.  Some like to see the hardware, while others prefer it be hidden behind a grille.   But what if you want a happy middle ground?  You still want to see the beautiful drivers but you don't want to see the screws?  We are happy to introduce our new magnetically attached front baffle. (see photo below)  While it effectively replaces the grille, it does provide a cool and unique way to show off your speakers.


Current Approved Shapes for Side Panels

(6500-SF referenced.  Will custom fit for your speaker)

The power is in your hand. 

Standard finishes are Satin Black and Satin White with a 5 sheen.  While they have a matte feel, they still have a sheen.  Custom colors are possible in house.  Call for more information.

Introducing Epoxy side panels for a fine art statement.  Beautify your speakers with several patterns and unlimited color options and combinations.  This option is not only beautiful, colorful, and unique, it is also extremely durable and it will last a lifetime.

High gloss automotive finish is possible!  Unlimited color options are available.  Whether you want to match the color of your car or add contrast to your room and make the speakers the centerpiece, the choice is yours.  The mirror-like finish is mesmerizing to look at.  It will definitely make your speaker a statement piece.

Example Expoxy finishes

Custom Built speakers!

Imagine having world class engineers and master craftsmen at your disposal.  If you can think it, we can make it.  As with anything from scratch, we need enough time to do research and development, but once developed it can be production ready for future jobs.

Modifying Current Product

Sometimes you encounter an imperfect scenario where speaker placement or size is a problem.  Within reason, we can modify existing products to fit space constraints or even make them bigger if that is the desired result.  Ultimately, our current lineup should accommodate 95% of your needs, but for that 5%, we've got your back.

Give us a call to discuss and see what we can do for you.  801-543-2200