[Courtesy of User Submission: C. Winberg, Utah ]
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"I finally have the dream room completed. With the assistance of the great folks at RBH, I have the system optimized now.

The image the SI-770 presents is spectacular. When pushed to high volume levels, the sound stage envelopes the entire room. The top end end is so sweet and detailed. It never seems painful. It’s so weird. At concert volumes, You hear more detail that has been absent with my other speaker brands. They never develop an offensive sound. Hit the gas and it makes you giggle like a little girl with a new puppy.

The subs are the best I have ever heard. They are not just ear candy, but a full body experience. The waves roll right through your chest, chair, wall, my cats. My initial configuration had far too much power applied. When watching U571, the depth charges had everyone ducking for cover. They scared my spouse half to death. I started laughing. The subs handled this without any strain. It’s clear that my home only needed one sub but I can’t help loving the excess. You have to head to my car garage to sense the full wave these produce. I can see dust falling from the ceiling. How much fun is this, right?

This is the finest system I have ever owned or heard. All of my other speakers have been sold off now. I no longer feel the need to hunt for the next new speaker. I am content...but the guys at RBH always speak to you about the new projects that’s in the works. They are proud of their hardware, and it shows." -- C. Winberg