Review of RBH Speakers

by Tony R.

We have enjoyed the sound of our previous RBH surround sound speaker configuration, which featured tower speakers, for many years. However, we wanted to improve our great room’s visual aesthetics, and knew it would be a challenge to find something that sounded at least as good. We worked with Kenny at RBH and determined that an on-wall system would be our solution. We considered all the RBH available options and ultimately chose the new Signature Reference RBH 821T-SW/R sealed on-wall speakers for the left and right channels and complementary 821C-SW/R for the center channel. We chose the 821s because they are sized perfectly to frame the 75-inch TV monitor and create the most pleasing and balanced visual aesthetic, and because they promised a great sound.

Once the new speakers were mounted, my wife and I were thrilled with the new look. We held our breath as we powered up the new configuration – and – we were astounded with the improved audio quality. The crystal clear high frequencies delivered by the new AMT aero-striction tweeters immediately caught our attention. Combined with the extremely accurate 8-inch aluminum cone woofers, the 821s resulted in an overall listening experience that exceeded our expectations. We’ve tested the speakers with a variety of source material, and they have faithfully reproduced both nuanced jazz or classical as well as window-shaking hard rock and adventure movie soundtracks.

One initial question we had was whether the system could sufficiently fill our open great room, dining room, and kitchen, which is over 1,000 square feet, and due to its high ceilings, more than 12,000 cubic feet. This has not been an issue for the 821s. They can bring you into the action for the latest Marvel Comic movie even at the far corners of the room.

We frequently spend quiet evenings reading, game playing, or in casual conversation, and the speakers sound just as good at soft background levels as they do when at high volume.

Overall, I’d highly recommend RBH for well-built speakers that both look and sound great.

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