Signature REFERENCE 661-SW/R On-wall Speaker
• 7.75"W x 22.5"H x5"D (not including grille)
• French Cleats included for wall mounting
• magnetic 661-SW grille included (1/2" MDF)
• black or white satin finish


Terms and Conditions

The 661-SW/R is a perfect match to its free-standing partner with added benefit of the same amazing performance conveniently wall-mounted. The 661-SW/R makes impactful home theater possible without sacrificing valuable floor space. This speaker can be used as left and right main channels for music and home theater systems, or can also be used as center or surround channels. It can do it all. Of course it is perfectly timbre matched to its SF family partners for total flexibility enabling easy installation of your dream theater and can be located throughout the home for sublime music enjoyment. Mounting is easy via a “French cleat” system.