MTB 6.5

Terms and Conditions

The MTB-6.5 metal bracket distributes the weight and safely keeps the speaker in place in a suspended ceiling installation. If the ceiling tile becomes damaged, this bracket prevents the speaker from falling. This bracket can be easily adjusted and installation is much easier than competing brackets. The MTB-6.5 is required to meet most building code safety standards for speaker installation in suspended acoustic ceiling tiles. Designed for commercial use with the VA-600 in-ceiling speaker, this bracket can also be used with the RBH 6½-inch in-ceiling speaker models listed below.

Use with: VA-600VA-615VA-615DSVF-615VM-615 and SI-615
Dimensions: 12.375" (314mm) W x 23.5" (597mm) L
Cutout: 8.15" (207mm) Diameter