Signature REFERENCE SFTR Freestanding Tower speaker
• 9.75"W x 55.9375"H x 16.5"D (not including grille or outriggers)
• magnetic grille included (1/2" MDF)
• black or white satin finish
• choice between:
• External DA-2602DSP: 2200wpc @4Ω for the subwoofer modules
• 2x 2400 Watt preprogrammed DSP amplifiers, one per subwoofer module


Terms and Conditions

The spiritual little brother to out ultimate SVTR system, the SFTR is the perfect compromise of size and cost without compromising the performance. Adopting many of the characteristics of it's bigger brother, the SFTR is sure to impress! Many music enthusiasts will appreciate the D'appolito design of the top module and the sealed enclosure of the subwoofer module, giving you tight, accurate, and deep bass complemented by our DSP controlled amplifiers. If you've always wanted flagship performance, but you couldn't justify the size and weight of our ultimate towers, look no further.