SI-1212/R9 Baffle Assembly

Baffle Assembly for Signature REFERENCE Dual 12" In-wall Subwoofer
• black satin finish
• In-wall cabinet required / sold separately; Grille optional / sold separately (SI-1212/R9 Grille)


Terms and Conditions

The SI-1212/R9 is a reference dual 12” non-powered aluminum subwoofer. It is designed to be installed in a baffle wall or between 2x10 studs. The cabinet is installed during framing without the included baffle assembly. Drywall is finished to the metal mud rings. After drywall and painting are complete, the baffle assembly with drivers is installed, leaving a clean presentation of the exposed subwoofer. The SI-1212/R9 is the perfect subwoofer for home theaters, listening rooms, or anywhere strong, reference level bass is needed without being seen. We recommend using the RBH DA-1802 or DA-2602 for powering this subwoofer.