• Dual 21" High Performance Carbon Fiber Subwoofer
• Sealed Enclosure Design
• Beauty Baffle included (1/2" HDF)
• Magnetic Grille included (3/4" HDF)
• RBH DA-2602DSP included in package.


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Ready to rock the neighborhood?!  There's nothing quite like this monster of a sub with so much potential output.  The UNRIVALED 221-SF/R excels in both movies and music listening with tight and accurate output. The UNRIVALED 221-SF/R is built like a tank, weighing in at 505 lbs and built with the highest quality materials.  The UNRIVALED 221-SF/R includes one or two of our DA-2602DSPs with carefully tuned DSP calibration to extract every ounce of performance that this monstrous subwoofer is capable of.  With one amplifier you can expect up to 2200 watts per channel or with two amplifiers each in bridged mode, that gives you 4000 watts per driver.  8000 Watts! 

The 21" proprietary driver was co-engineered by RBH Sound and Pierce Audio. This groundbreaking, low-distortion design made exclusively for RBH features a carbon fiber cone, shorting cap, copper sleeve and custom machine work. Pierce Audio, a privately held company, has built precision subwoofer and speaker drivers by hand in the Pacific Northwest since 2004. They innovate and engineer the highest quality and resilient subwoofer and speaker drivers for most any application. For more information, please visit