The UNRIVALED difference

UNRIVALED is a pursuit by RBH Sound to make the best even better; to make a speaker system with the best technology, best build quality, and top tier internal components.

To achieve this goal, we offer 2 varieties of UNRIVALED to cater to the individual: UNRIVALED Passive (/PX) and UNRIVALED Active (/AX).


Damping Materials

Wool is an excellent acoustic absorber.  It has a greater density and absorptive ability over polyfill. It is the material of choice for any sealed enclosures or chambers.

For ported enclosures, cabinets are lined with high quality 1 inch foam which is a terrific absorber and ensures nothing is projected out of the ports.

Cabinet Anti-resonance Lining

Each UNRIVALED speaker cabinet is internally lined with an anti-resonance material.

This material is made from rubber and aluminum and is adhered to the internal walls of the speaker.  Effectively, it adds to the absorption of unwanted vibrations.

Internally Wired with Kimber Kable

As part of the no compromise that we pledge with UNRIVALED systems, we utilize Kimber wire with their tried and true braided geometry which further improves crosstalk rejection and external influences.

Acrylic Polymer Damping Panels

To further the performance of the speaker (as well as cosmetics), side panels made from acrylic polymer solid surface, which has a density similar to granite, can drastically improve the rigidity of the speaker, which substantially reduces cabinet resonance providing several benefits including: reducing smearing, improved imaging, improved soundstage, tightened response, and improved clarity.

G.A.D.S. (patent pending)

On select, sealed only, speaker systems, our new G.A.D.S. (granular acoustic damping system) technology is employed.  Not only does it have mass loading effects, which can further improve the rigidity of the cabinet, it is also an excellent acoustic absorber.  The marvel of this technology is while the granular particulates may occupy a significant amount of space in the enclosure, the impact on the total volume is negligibly effected, therefore the tuning of the box is near unaffected. 


While designing the UNRIVALED crossover, two main goals were at the heart of the project.  One: to maintain and preserve the original and desired tone curve of RBH speakers and Two: improve the signal integrity without coloring the sound.  

These crossovers are hand built with hand selected components onto a specially designed PCB board with triple the thickness of copper lining the board providing the best compromise of preserving the signal integrity that is achieved with a point to point design and the cleanliness of a PCB board.

The well renowned Mundorf Supreme Silver Gold & Oil bypass capacitor is used in the tweeter circuit which increases the depth of the soundstage and sharpens the imaging.

The sonic differences between UNRIVALED and Reference are as follows: clarity improves, soundstage increases in both breadth and depth, imaging is improved, and transient response is faster.  All without sacrificing the tried and true RBH Sound sonic signature.


The crème de la crème.  The best of the best.  Active systems are the future with unparalleled control and the most advanced FIR linear phase crossover functionality with up to a staggering 108dB/octave crossover filters, a feat that simply isn't possible with a passive system.

When you buy an RBH UNRIVALED Active speaker system, you not only get a flagship DSP processor with the best Burr Brown DACs, but you also get state of the art class D amplification via the UNRIVALED RBH Alpha amplifier, configured to match the system of choice.

Internal options are available for a cleaner approach.  With the same quality amplification built in and the same DSP functionality, there is very little compromise with this approach.  

The FIR filters allow the system to achieve a ruler flat response as well as provide time alignment not only with the distance of the speaker drivers, but across the frequency spectrum, ensuring all of the sound connects with your eardrums at the same time.

Welcome to the future!