UNRIVALED 6500-SF/AX Freestanding Tower speaker
• 8.75"W x 47"H x 14.5"D (not including grille or outriggers)
• magnetic grille included (1/2" MDF)
• black or white satin finish


Terms and Conditions

The 6500/AX tower speaker is the version of the 6500-SF featuring state of the art DSP and amplification. Three 6½-inch aluminum cone woofers, two 6½-inch reference aluminum cone midrange drivers, and an AMT tweeter seamlessly integrate to deliver unrivaled detail and accuracy. These reference drivers provide extended frequency response, greater power handling and improved dynamic range. The 6500/AX is capable of accurately reproducing the loudest dynamics as well as the softest whispers, making it the perfect tower speaker for high-fidelity music and home theater systems.

Note: Internal DSP + Amp features: 150 watts for the tweeter, 250 watts for the midrange, and 600 watts available for the woofers with all the flagship DSP control and a modest DAC.

External DSP + Amp features: 200 watts for the tweeter, 400 watts for the midrange, and 1000 watts available for the woofers with a flagship external DSP processor with flagship DACs.