UNRIVALED 6500/PX Freestanding Tower speaker
• 8.75"W x 47"H x 14.5"D (not including grille or outriggers)
• magnetic grille included (1/2" MDF)
• black or white satin finish


Terms and Conditions

The 6500/PX tower speaker is the UNRIVALED upgrade to the 6500-SF/R. Three 6½-inch aluminum cone woofers, two 6½-inch reference aluminum cone midrange drivers, and an AMT tweeter seamlessly integrate to deliver unrivaled detail and accuracy. These reference drivers provide extended frequency response, greater power handling and improved dynamic range. The 6500/PX is furthers the capability of accurately reproducing the loudest dynamics as well as the softest whispers, making it the perfect tower speaker for high-fidelity music and home theater systems. To optimize its performance, the 6500/PX can be bi-wired or bi-amplified via the high-quality, dual 5-way binding posts.

The improved construction and upgraded handmade crossover provides several key benefits over reference.  The rigidity of construction ensures only the drivers are doing the talking and reduces cabinet resonance.  This means there is less smearing and a more defined imaging stage.  Due to the extra weight, transient response is also improved.

The crossover is comprised of hand selected parts and doesn't stray from the tried and true RBH tone curve.  The high quality parts results in an enhanced sound that improves upon the already excellent imaging, soundstage characteristics, and transient response of the Reference version.  Greatness is refined.  This speaker is worthy of consideration for any 2ch hi-fi enthusiast.