UNRIVALED 8300/AX Freestanding Tower speaker
• 10.75"W x 52.5"H x 16.5"D (not including grille or outriggers)
• magnetic grille included (1/2" MDF)
• black or white satin finish


Terms and Conditions

The 3-way UNRIVALED 8300/AX flagship ultimate tower speaker featuring state of the art DSP and amplification.  The 8300/AX features RBH’s award-winning aluminum cone technology and easily outperforms tower speakers costing much more. The 8300/AX lets its listeners experience their favorite movies and music in a way never thought possible, until now. Remarkable full-range performance is provided by the aluminum cone 8-inch woofers and reference 6½-inch mid-range drivers and AMT tweeter. Dual rear-firing ports help the 8300/AX achieve its full-range response down to 23 Hz

Note: Internal DSP + Amp features: 150 watts for the tweeter, 250 watts for the midrange, and 600 watts available for the woofers with all the flagship DSP control and a modest DAC.

External DSP + Amp features: 200 watts for the tweeter, 400 watts for the midrange, and 1000 watts available for the woofers with a flagship external DSP processor with flagship DACs.