UNRIVALED Signature Reference Modular Tower System
• FIR Flagship DSP Speaker Management System
• UNRIVALED Alpha 6x - custom six-channel amplifier
• SVTR Brace Plate (2)


Terms and Conditions

Each pair of these 57-3/4-inch tall, ultimate modular towers presents a full range sonic experience that is truly unprecedented for its size. With your choice of Satin Black or Satin White finishes, each SFTR-AX speaker system is comprised of two 1212N-MS/R subwoofers and two 821-SF/R modules that are integrated together with a Linear Phase FIR filter processor which time aligns the drivers and linearizes the frequency response of the speaker system to within an unprecedented ±1dB. The large air motion transformer (AMT) tweeter integrates perfectly with the proprietary aluminum-cone mid-bass woofers which are arranged in an traditional MTM alignment.  Amplification for the speakers is handled by RBH Unrivaled amplifiers which provide 250 Watts per channel for the AMT tweeters, 500 Watts per channel for the 8-inch woofers, and 1,500 Watts per channel for each of the dual 12-inch long throw subwoofers. Yes, that is 4500 Watts of total available power! A customized digital signal processor provides active crossover management with linear phase filters for optimal time alignment at the listening position. Each system is set up and calibrated on-site by an RBH Sound team member to ensure your experience is nothing but perfect.