UNRIVALED SFTR/PX Freestanding Tower speaker
• 9.75"W x 55.9375"H x 16.5"D (not including grille or outriggers)
• magnetic grille included (1/2" MDF)
• black or white satin finish
• choice between:
• External DA-2602DSP: 2200wpc @4Ω for the subwoofer modules
• 2x 2400 Watt preprogrammed DSP amplifiers, one per subwoofer module


Terms and Conditions

The first UNRIVALED passive speaker is here!  Touting all of the engineering of UNRIVALED speakers with the 2 channel enthusiast in mind.  The SFTR/PX was designed with the highest performance in mind.  Adopting the principles of the now retired Status Acoustics lineup, these speakers were built with no compromise.  Adopting the UNRIVALED upgrades including G.A.D.S. (Granular Acoustic Damping System) internal anti resonance lining, wool damping, Kimber wire, and debuting the UNRIVALED crossover with carefully selected components, the SFTR is sure to impress! Many music enthusiasts will appreciate the D'appolito design of the top module and the sealed enclosure of the subwoofer module, giving you tight, accurate, and deep bass complemented by our DSP controlled amplifiers. If you've always wanted next level performance, but you couldn't justify the the cost of an Active system, the SFTR/PX is the logical choice providing a meaningful upgrade from the Signature Reference class.