Visage 2-way dual channel in-ceiling speaker for single-point-stereo
• 6.5" polygraphite woofer; dual 1" soft dome swivel tweeters


Terms and Conditions

The VA-615DS, with the inconspicuous Visage design, is a multi-purpose in-ceiling speaker that combines the superb performance of the VA-615 with the convenience of a multi-channel design. As a whole-house audio speaker, the dual-channel VA-615DS provides both left and right channels from one speaker for smaller rooms or for budget-conscious installations. For home theater, the VA-615DS can be utilized as a di-/bi-polar surround speaker, providing an enveloping surround experience from its discreet location. For installations where surround speaker locations are highly limited; a pair of VA-615DS’ can be positioned and configured to broadcast both the side- and rear-effects channels of a home theater system, allowing for a full 7.1 surround experience.