The TK Series from RBH Sound combines the best attributes anyone could want in a speaker: build quality, aesthetics, value and most importantly, sound quality. As with any RBH Sound's speaker, sound quality comes first. To that end, RBH's engineers combined high-end and proprietary components when designing the TK Series to ensure the series was worthy of the RBH Sound brand name.

The TK Series benefits from some of the latest in driver technologies. The soft-dome tweeters feature magnetic cooling fluid which allows higher power handling as well as reducing compression and distortion. The distinctive yellow midrange drivers are made of an exclusive fiberglass mesh which creates a tighter and stiffer diaphragm. This lighter and stiffer diaphragm or cone translates into higher efficiency and less distortion than other materials typically used in other speakers at the same price level.

Intricate crossover networks using high quality components are used to manage the drivers in each TK Series model. Many hours of research and computer modeling went into each crossover design for this series to ensure proper integration of each driver. The TK Series also employs fast and efficient tweeter protection circuitry to provide years of trouble-free service for overzealous listeners.

Freestanding Speakers

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Discontinued 06/2008

Discontinued 06/2008

Discontinued 06/2008

In-Wall Speakers

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Discontinued 02/2012

Discontinued 01/2007

In-Ceiling Speakers

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Discontinued 07/2017

Discontinued 09/2007


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Discontinued 04/2008