JUNE, 2023


Award-winning loudspeaker manufacturer RBH Sound debuted their first proprietary 21 inch subwoofer with a carbon fiber driver. The company developed this subwoofer for those seeking a truly infrasonic capable subwoofer with a rated frequency  reponse down to 12Hz, and typical in-room response dropping down to single digits. In order to do this at high sound pressure levels, the UNRIVALED 21-SF/R driver has an impressive 4,000 watt thermal power handling capability. This, combined with the long throw suspension and unique neodymium motor structure creates a subwoofer system with extraordinary infrasonic output and
low distortion.

This UNRIVALED 21-SF/R was designed to push the boundaries of what RBH Sound currently offers with the ability to seamlessly integrate with their current offerings. The carbon fiber cone falls in line with the design philosophy of RBH Sound products, providing an extremely rigid and lightweight cone material for fast, accurate bass reproduction of your favorite music or movies.

Much of the magic of the UNRIVALED 21-SF/R lies inside. The new RBH technology G.A.D.S. (granular acoustic damping system) (patent pending) made its way into this subwoofer to add much needed acoustic and vibrational damping properties to the suboofer enclosure, along with added mass and rigidity to balance with the sheer power of the 21 inch driver, creating an impressively inert cabinet allowing the 21 inch driver to do what it does best, move lots of air without also moving the enclosure.

The UNRIVALED 21-SF/R combined with the RBH Sound DA-2602DSP subwoofer amp is the much needed muscle to properly drive the subwoofer. With 4000 watts of power and 30 band parametric EQ on board, the DA-2602DSP and the UNRIVALED 21-SF/R are a match made in heaven.

The UNRIVALED 21-SF/R has a weight of 333 lbs and has dimensions of
43" W x 27-1/4" H x 21" D. (including the outrigger system) It has an anechoic frequency response of 12Hz-80Hz (±3dB). It is available now through the company’s authorized dealer and distributor network.

About RBH Sound (RBH)

A privately held, Utah-based company, RBH is a global provider of high-performance loudspeakers and other audio products for the home audio custom integration, professional audio, and light commercial industries. The company also produces high-performance personal and portable audio products. RBH has been designing, engineering, and crafting products with superior acoustic reproduction at sensible prices since 1976.

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