JUNE, 2023


Award-winning loudspeaker manufacturer RBH Sound debuted their SFTR speaker system. It was developed to provide a similar reference-grade, audiophile experience as achieved through the monolithic RBH SVTRS flagship tower, but with a considerably smaller footprint and lower price.  The SFTR offers both passive and fully active options to fit various budgets and preferences.

Both passive and active SFTR modular towers represent top tier performance in the reference SF line of in-room speakers. The standard SFTR provides a passive, upper module with 2400 Watt active subwoofers. The fully active UNRIVALED SFTR-AX option includes the all new G.A.D.S. (granular acoustic damping system) technology built into the speaker cabinet, a rack mountable RBH Linear Phase Loudspeaker Processor unit (by Marani) and a rack mountable six channel RBH UNRIVALED alpha amplifier, providing speaker processing and tri-amplified power to each stereo pair of SFTR towers.

Each system contains two modules per channel, one 821-SF/R on top and one 1212-MS/R subwoofer at its base. The slender profile provides astounding stereo imaging, and is sure to complement any living space. The upper section of the tower uses two, newly developed, 8-inch, proprietary aluminum cone woofers and an acclaimed Aurum Cantus AMT tweeter. Each 1212-MS/R subwoofer uses dual proprietary side-firing 12-inch long-throw aluminum cone subwoofers. The two modules are secured to one another with steel plates.

The passive version of the SFTR is specifically engineered for maximum performance and integration with its sealed powered subwoofer module. Customers have the option of choosing between internally mounted 2400 Watt RBH DSP controlled amplifiers, or a rack mountable 2200 Watt Per Channel RBH DSP controlled, DA series amplifier.  Either option provides the subwoofer modules with enough output to create an in-room frequency response (in most environments) down to 12 Hz.

Customers who choose the UNRIVALED upgrade path are treated to an even higher level of sonic refinement. The UNRIVALED option offers truly unrivaled performance for both passive and active options.  It contains internal wiring provided by Kimber Kable, additional wall damping and the inclusion of the newly developed, G.A.D.S. (granular acoustic damping system) technology. (patent pending) G.A.D.S. further increases the performance of the speaker by making the enclosure more resonance-free, inert, and well-damped.

The fully active, time-aligned, UNRIVALED SFTR-AX option provides the highest-performance available. It uses the RBH Linear Phase Loudspeaker Processor unit (by Marani) to provide a tri-amplified digital crossover for each speaker channel. The processor’s granular control with slopes of up to 48dB/octave and finite impulse response (FIR) filters correct time and phase alignment problems inherent in almost all speaker designs. The result is a degree of precision so sonically clear and pristine, it has been described as the audio equivalent of seeing an 8K video source compared to standard definition.

Each SFTR tower has a weight that starts at 137 lbs and has dimensions of

13-1/4" W x 57-3/4" H x 16-1/2" D, a sensitivity of 92dB (2.83V @ 1M) and has a frequency response of 20Hz-35kHz (±3dB). It is available now through the company’s authorized dealer and distributor network.

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