SEPTEMBER 12-14, 2019


RBH Sound today unveiled two new additions to their S Series subwoofer lineup. Both models, one powered and the other non-powered, feature dual 12-inch aluminum cone long-throw subwoofers, besting competitor’s single woofer offerings in overall cone surface area, output and musicality, utilizing cabinets produced in the United States.

The S-1212P features a built-in 1,000 Watt class D amplifier with an integrated app-controlled DSP module. The DSP permits the subwoofer to be adjusted and fine-tuned to integrate seamlessly with the rest of the system from the comfort of the listening position, even if the S-1212P isn’t visible. For ease of connectivity, the amplifier features XLR, RCA and speaker level inputs; other amenities include external level, variable 40-150Hz low-pass crossover, 0-180-degree phase shift, and auto on/off controls.

The non-powered model, the S-1212N, is designed for use with a separate power amplifier and is perfect for use in custom integration. If the subwoofer needs to be located where heat build-up poses a threat or where access to amplifier controls is restricted, the S-1212N is the answer.

“These two new incredible subwoofers represent a new era for our company,” said RBH Sound president Todd A. Stewart. “Our engineers have really gone out of their way to push boundaries of innovation to develop these new high performance models. They’ve not only used the best attributes of our popular past designs, they’ve incorporated new technology to develop these world class room shaking subwoofers. The level of performance they’ve achieved is stunning, to say the least.”

Because both S-1212 models are capable of such extreme levels of sonic energy, their cabinets have extensive internal bracing to ensure the cabinet doesn’t color the sound. Dual front-firing 4-inch tuned vents help the S-1212s to deliver substantially authoritative and accurate bass beyond the lowest threshold of human hearing. Both are finished in RBH’s Phantom Black satin and have a black fabric grille.

The S-1212N is expected to ship before the end of October 2019 and the S-1212P is slated to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2020. Both will be available direct and through the company’s authorized dealer and distributor network. Introductory suggested retail price is $999.95 for the S-1212N; the price for the S-1212P has not yet been announced. For more information, please visit

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