Signature REFERENCE Modular Passive Full Range Speaker
• high-gloss black finish
• SV-831R (1); SV-1212NR (1); SVTR brace plate (1); SVTR Outrigger Set (1)
• Full Range Tower configuration utilizing a custom integrated crossover


Terms and Conditions

Each pair of SVTR towers stand at 62-inches tall and will command any home theater or listening room with such visual and sonic presence, you will become audio-addicted. Two (SV-1212NR) subwoofers flank each silky-smooth (SV-831R) reference module speaker in the center of each tower. The power and speed of the proprietary reference, high-excursion 12-inch aluminum cone sub drivers, pair seamlessly with the three, RBH 8-inch aluminum-cone mid-bass woofers, arranged in a format designed to focus and enhance two channel imaging. We call it “dispersion averaging alignment.” You’ll simply call it “Amazing.” The Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter utilizes a flexible, ultralight-weight aluminum diaphragm, carefully folded, then suspended in a highly saturated magnetic field, resulting in extremely detailed, ultra high output, upper-frequency response. Passive crossover networks for bi-ampable external amplification are built-in. All are housed in spectacularly beautiful, high-gloss cabinets finished with eight layers of hand-polished piano black polyester. The SVTR is capable of handling powerful input with ease while delivering a listening experience that truly touches your emotions and senses.